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Mike Bennett is the semantics expert and ontologist for the EDM Council. He is the architect and editor of the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) and represents the Council within the Object Management Group and on ISO technical standards committees. He has over 15 years of financial industry experience with investment management software, data management systems design, messaging standards, product testing and project management. Mike is well-regarded as both a resource and speaker within the semantic technology community.

Mike can be contacted at mbennett [at] hypercube dot co .uk
Tel (UK): +44 (0) 20 7917 9522
Tel: (US): +1 646 583 2095

Mike's personal page has a few more details.

Joanne S Luciano, PhD

Dr. Joanne Luciano has played a leading role in the BioPathways Consortium, in the creation and development of BioPAX and the establishment of the W3C initiative in the Health Care and Life Sciences. She is co-developer of the OWL-based BioPAX pathway ontology which has become the standard for pathway-related bio-research. She has made significant contributions to pathway modeling, and is familiar with systems such as EcoCYC, BIND, WIT, KEGG, SBML, and others. She has intimate familiarity with the relevant tools such as Stanford’s Protégé knowledge acquisition tool and the underlying Semantic Web technologies including OWL and RDF. These skills together with her extensive interactions with the multi-disciplinary community of researchers, places her in a unique position to contribute to projects with her skill, contacts, and know-how. Of particular significance is her ability to effectively communicate with specialists in a range of disciplines (computer science, biology, medicine, physics) which enables effective cross-disciplinary collaborative research.

Joanne can be contacted at jluciano [at] hypercube . co dot uk
Tel (US): +1 617 440 4364

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